About Us

JHW is the official seller of 100% Wild Crafted Real Sea Moss sustainably sourced from Tanzania, Africa.

JHW is committed to helping people live healthier fuller lives by educating them about the foods they consume and how it directly impacts their body. Most people suffer from various symptoms, i.e., low energy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction and kidney disease to name a few. Most of these symptoms are a result of excess mucus in the body which builds up from acidic and processed foods.

The term “Full Spectrum” means that all the active chemical constituents of whole herbs in a concentrated form. Full-spectrum extracts most closely mimic the effects of whole herbs because full-spectrum extracts contain the same balance of chemical constituents and the same complex interactions between chemical constituents as whole herbs. Most companies use standardized extracts, which decreases the potency and effectiveness of the herb. Standardized extracts use a single constituent or a group of constituents which limits your chance of obtaining a remedy. We use the whole herb to give our customers the maximum health benefit.